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In order to receive Cactus Intertie System educational materials, you must be a member in good standing of Cactus Intertie, Inc. (CII) or a Cactus Affiliate group.  Cactus Intertie System educational materials are available for a donation amount intended to help offset the cost of production, shipping, and on-line processing fees.  Orders should be submitted using the PayPal links listed in the Educational Materials Orders Form at the bottom of this page. Volume purchases by Affiliates can be requested as described below.

When you order using PayPal, to ensure everything is processed using accurate information, please follow up your donation with a message to the Educational Materials Manager at "materials (@) cactus-intertie (dot) org" identifying what you ordered, your name, callsign, and delivery address. Please indicate if you intend to pick-up your order at the Annual Meeting.


Operations ManualsĀ 

The Cactus Operations Manual is updated annually to incorporate various changes made through-out the system during the year. The Operations Manual is available in a 6" x 8" mini size or a digital PDF copy that comes on a USB thumb drive. The Cactus Operations Mini Manuals have a laminated front and rear cover and a spiral binding, allowing the manual to be folded back on itself for use during traveling. The digital-format PDF Cactus Operations Manual is a read-only file in PDF file format supplied on a USB Drive. There are several additional files on the USB Drive including programming files for various radios with all the sites and frequency updates, a Cactus Link map and GPS location file.

CII members and Affiliate representatives are encouraged to pre-order manuals to ensure availability. All CII members, and Affiliate members who plan on attending the Cactus System Annual Meeting, may pre-order using the PayPal link below.

Affiliate representatives who wish to pre-order manuals (or quantities of other items) for their affiliate group, can send an e-mail to the Educational Materials Manager at:  "materials (@) cactus-intertie (dot) org" . Please indicate the quantity of each item desired (minimum pre-package order quantity is 20). Materials Management will contact you and inform you of the cost of the order. Provisions for payment will be determined at that time. The order will be packaged and ready for pick-up at the Annual Meeting, or will be shipped following the meeting.  All pre-orders must be received by Cactus on or before March 1st, in each given year, in order for us to meet our printing deadline and ensure delivery.

Pre-order manuals purchased on-line will be available at the Annual Meeting, or will be shipped after the meeting.  There will be a limited number of copies printed in addition to the total pre-orders, so order early otherwise you may not be able to receive a manual later in the year.  Orders are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.  Once they are all gone, they are gone until next year.

Quick Reference CardsĀ 

The Quick Reference Prefix Card is a two (2) sided card that lists all the site names, the prefix, frequency and CTCSS for all sites on the Cactus Intertie System.  This card is laminated for protection.

The Quick Reference Function Card lists the common standard control functions for most Cactus sites.  This card is also laminated and comes in just one size.

Pictures of the cards are not available because they contain Cactus Intertie System proprietary information.

Educational Material Orders Form

You will have the option to choose item quantities on the PayPal site.

ATTENTION: Special Instructions - Please Read
PayPal has implemented functional changes that prevent Cactus from using the standard Shopping Cart. All orders placed on this page are for 2024 Materials. Please disregard entries on the PayPal forms which reference 2023.




There is no additional expense for shipping via USPS Media Rate

2024 Operations Manual
6" x 8" Mini

2024 Operations Manual - PDF format
USB Thumb Drive
Cactus Logo Sticker 4" Round $3.00
Quick Reference Prefix Card
5" x 7 1/2" Mini
Quick Reference Prefix Card
8" x 10" Full
Quick Reference Function Card
5" x 7 1/2" Mini