Norm Brines -WB5TZJ

Jacks Peak ARA and Intertie, Inc.

- October 28, 2004


Gentle Friends: Norm Brines,WB5TZJ, a very long-term Member of Jacks Peak ARA and Intertie, Inc., passed away at his home in Del Rio, Texas on October 28, 2004. Norm was 72 years old. A most generous active Intertie Board Member, Norm had just taken on another soldering job on one of our controllers. Norm was our first Del Rio member, and signed up numerous current Members. He was a sergeant in the Sheriff's auxiliary. As a retired mathematics teacher, he remained active as an officer in his Teachers' Union. He served his Country as a United States Marine.

All of us will recall a dear friend, full of dry humor, a great guy. We will miss him very much!

Larry, W5EX
October 29, 2004