Neil Murphy

Cactus Radio Club

- 1995

April 23, 2023

Cactus Radio Club, the early years

[Neil] moved east in 1978, back to CA in early 90s, then to Knoxville in 93 (Dates from old callbooks, and [WA6CDR] memory. I visited him when he moved back to CA. I had been a semi regular visitor to his place in Anaheim in the late 60s early 70s.

He was very involved in the early years of 440 remote base operations. Was a 440 freq coordinator back when it was a single individual doing the work, and before the band was regularized to 5 MHz splits.

Neil did not get back on 440 when he moved back to CA after NY.

Some of the very old timers will remember him - there are not all that many of us left..

Robin [WA6CDR]

[Edits by K6IYK]