Mike Zussman - WA7NIY

Member of SARBA

June 17, 1997

Mike was a perennial CACTUS sparkplug. He not only attended the Annual meetings, he participated and became part of the color and excitement. Mike was loud, but not in an offensive way, he was a kind and caring personb, who would gladly spend an entire evening on your behalf, if you merely hinted.

Mike always wore profane putfits. It often was the case that he would show up to a HAM Radio activity in Very Colorful "Bloomers" or a tie-dyed shirt, or both! Mike was a strong proponent of HF activity, and a loyal follower of the Centrol AZ DX Association. He constantly ushered out-of-towners to the meetings, and always was there to shoulder the housekeeping chores.

Durin his last year, Mike was seen at Field Day, in the "CACTUS STANDARD" Houseboat at Lake Mojave, racking up "Qs" and having a great time.

Our final tribute to Mike was to raise a pair of his colorful bloomers up onto thye 1998 Field Day beams at the Houseboat where he had such great times. Mike will not soon be forgotten by the members of the CACTUS Intertie.

Rick Paquette
December 1999