Roger Wiechman

Cactus Intertie, Inc.

November 19, 1947 - July 9, 2019

Friends and Family

Please join us as we celebrate our Dad and his life. He is already very missed, but we know having us all together, in this setting, will make him so happy.

We’ve chosen the Harvey Mudd Campus, as this was his home for the past 25 years, and we will host it in the Platt Building, Green Room.

Food and drinks will be served.

We look forward to sharing stories and reminiscing as we celebrate Dad’s life.

In true Roger style, please come dressed casual and comfortable.

With love, Brian and Katie

With great sadness I have to share with you the passing of our long time member and friend Roger Wiechman WA6ZVP. Roger had been under treatment for metastatic cancer for the last couple years and was at home Monday morning when he left us.

I spoke with Roger just Sunday during the World Cup game because Rog was a huge soccer fan. He sounded fine and quickly reminded me that I was interrupting the game. I reminded him back that it was half time and I /had/ to call because we were winning. So, he allowed me another 30 seconds of talk time. That was typical Roger. As a former middle school soccer coach, he let nothing interrupt a game.

Roger was an alumna of Cal Poly Pomona where he earned his BSEE in computer technology and lived in a house shared by fellow students Barry W7BF, Skip W6LYR (SK) and Rich WB6BRC. By the time he became a Cactus member he had already been involved in other activities such as the Los Angeles Radio Assoc. (LARA), water skiing, model boat racing (a champion racer) followed by hamsat communications, drag boat racing, NASCAR, off-road racing, water ski racing, and IHBA. Roger participated in dozens of Cactus projects including the Sunset Ridge tower installation and the building install at Guadalupe Peak.

Early on in his career, Roger became deeply involved in Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) computer equipment when it was the hot mini-computer supplier of the '70's. That was the basis of a consulting business he owned until he was snapped up by the IT department at Harvey Mudd College, a premier engineering school here in the US. He remained at Harvey Mudd until his retirement two years ago. He was also the school's ham radio club administrator.

Roger is survived by his daughter Katie, son Brian and 4 grandchildren.

Dennis Dinga N6DD

73's Roger, we will miss you! WA6ZVP DE WA7BGX SK.


Will certainly miss you Roger. I remember those late night early morning rag chews we had on cactus 30-40 years ago.

I learned a lot from him.

73. RIP my friend.

Martin wb5ljo

Sad to hear, Roger was a cool guy. Always good for a laugh and we usually had something to chuckle about when we'd see each other at SCRRBA meetings. He was kind enough to make arrangements for hosting them at Harvey Mudd for many years. He was also one of our early members as a reciprocal with LARA. We'll miss you, Roger.


Matt W6KGB

Been awhile since Roger and I had talked, or I'd seen him. I'm sorry I didn't keep up the link when he retired from Harvey Mudd, but I got involved with my own insanity and things like old friendships sometimes suffer because of that sort of thing.

I'm really gonna miss him.


Gerry N5JXS

Katie Wiechman, Roger WA6ZVP's daughter asked me to invite all to Roger's Celebration of Life to be held at Harvey Mudd College in Upland, CA. It will take place in the Platt Campus Center on Thursday July 25 at 3pm.

-Dennis N6DD