Wally Winn - WA6ITE

Cactus Radio Club

January 6, 2012

Wally flew the B36 and the HerkyBirds during the Viet Nam war. He absolutely adored the C-130 Hercules.

He was a pilot and during one of our Sunset work parties he shared that he MAY have done an inverted landing approach with a scarf around his neck while landing in Viet Nam. I can't verify that, but I'll bet he's looking down right now with a scarf around his neck.

Wally was always on the front line to volunteer for work parties, especially the tough jobs. He spent a lot of time up on the Sunset tower during the installation and didn't quit until he had to lay down exhausted at the base of the tower. Wally was a big guy and I thought we were going to lose him because of his "never fail" attitude that day.

Wallis D. Wynn, WA6ITE, was a very key player during the installation of the Guadalupe container building. It took the guts of guys like Wally and others to get the darn thing up an impossible road to the peak. When the National Guard truck driver stated it was not a good idea to drive that road, Wally just said "Move over buddy, I drove these 4X6's in 'Nam. They'll go anywhere". The driver moved over to the center seat and Wally DROVE IT TO THE TOP with the front wheels sometimes off the ground.

God bless you Wally and may our Lord keep you in the comfort of his arms until we meet again on the Big Mountain.