Friends and Extended Family, 

With a heavy heart I share that our friend Emmett went to his eternal reward yesterday. He had battled against cancer and far exceeded the time science had predicted, but the sun has set on a truly incredible life. Then again, if you know Emmett, you know he had a habit of exceeding expectations and doing things his own way. He was surrounded by family in his twilight, as he is now with those who departed before him. His pain, and it was great, is now over. 

Emmett touched many lives. He was a truly unique man of many talents. He handled great responsibilities and enjoyed many adventures in his extensive career and life. Across his many travels and endeavours, he was a man of integrity and class. He was quick of wit, had a great sense of humor, and a natural leadership. He was generous in many ways and saw part of his success as ensuring others around him also succeeded. He expected you to do your part, but never set you up beyond your ability. And he valued and rewarded your commitment. 

While there will be no public service, we will have a future celebration of his life. The disturbance of the virus has changed so many things in our lives. Hopefully we can return to normal sooner than later. Even if it must be an online event, we shall remember our friend together.

 e has been a light in many lives including my own. I shall be forever thankful to him, thankful for the gifts of life lessons and character, the mutual enrichment in our craft, and the many years working so closely together on things we love. Many of you have known him even longer, we all know his essential nature. He has been a rock of our community, and he and his wife like added parents to me. He was someone you could count on, and who would tell you what you needed to hear. 

Remember him as you knew him. I remember at break time at one of my first Cactus meetings.. Emmett jovially said, "Alright everybody, who wants to go have a drink!" Raise a glass in his honor and toast him. Emmett was a semi-private person, but enjoyed being very sociable with friends. He also enjoyed fine dining, including at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, Poland during a business trip after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Music and arts were another passion of his, and we all appreciate his extensive eclectic playlist. 

Emmett is survived by his wife Ann, his daughters Sandy and Terri, his sons Glen and John, granddaughter Andrea and many other grandchildren and great grandchildren, a large loving family. He is also a veteran of the US Navy, as was his father before him. Beyond his military service, he continued serving his country in the defense world throughout his career. He held no degree, but was among the most competent engineers and managers alike you'd ever find. A rare man we've all had the privilege to know.. 

Clarence Emmett Dunlap, WA6COT
January 10, 1941 - February 11, 2021 

Rest well, dear friend... 

With Love and Respect,
Matt W6XC