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- October 28, 2008

Richard Steven Thacker, died Oct. 28, 2008 at age 57

Richard Steven Thacker was born June 14, 1951, in Yuma, Ariz. He was an electrician who lived in the Portland area for more than 12 years. In 1978, he married Ann T. Jordan (The voice of our controllers).

Survivors include his wife; son, Christopher S.; daughters, Jennifer A. Russell and Melissa L. Thacker; brother, Mike; and six grandchildren.

(The Oregonian)

I remember when I first met Rick, he was shoulder deep in wiring up a Palomar Telecom controller to a remote somewhere down in San Diego. He was so into what he was doing he and I never got a chance to really talk until 12 years later, when he moved to Oregon. But when we did get a chance to talk, what conversations we had. Rick was a smart guy with really good ideas, some of which will unfortunately never materialize as a result of his passing. Rick, thank you so much for fathering the RBC-700, for your contributions, and the great conversation. Catch you on the flip side.

Chris Baldwin/KF6AJM