Dail Terry - W7DGT

Cholla Amateur Remote Base Association

- January 15, 2011

Dail passed away suddenly on Saturday, January 15, 2011. Dail, W7DGT, (formerly N6DGT) was the secretary of CARBA beginning in 2005.  After his retirement from PacBell and his return to his home state of Arizona, Dail generously started helping with many radio projects in the Tucson area.  Having discovered Cactus Radio, he volunteered in any way he could giving his time to almost any mountaintop or other radio project.  As recently as the day before his death, he was helping at the Downtown Tucson radio site.

Dail was also an avid amateur astronomer, as well as a former pilot and airplane owner.

We will miss Dail's drive and enthusiasm as well as his sense of humor.

He is survived by his wife Alice.

-- Mike -- N7CK