Gene Nicholson - W6YJO

Member of KELP Radio

May 25, 1937 - October 10, 1995

Gene was a private person. Only few people got close to him over the years. It was Ann's and my pleasure to be two of those few. I have considered him a friend for the last 35 years but a close friend for perhaps the last 10 years. Most of us knew him through his hobbies, he had a lot. Ham radio was his favorite. He formed his own Ham Club "KELP RADIO", which is an affiliate of a larger club called "CACTUS". He and I designed and built the club equipment. He was vary active with Field Day activities for the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club. He took a special pride insuring the equipment was setup just right. within the last couple of years he rekindled his interest in model trains and joined a train club in Ontario. He enjoyed 4 wheel driving. Two of his three vehicles were 4 wheel drive. Guns were also one of his interests. He had more than 25 guns of various types. These were his major hobbies. But he spent his time in many other activities as well. The Masons, Amateur Photography, Computers, Video Recording, Remote Control Boats and Listening to Books on tape. With all of his interests he would buy what ever tools (toys) were necessary so he was not dependent on others. Gene enjoyed being involved in all of these activities and organizations. Even though he was a private person he had many friends. Those of us that walked with him through life, respected and revered him. Gene will be missed but not forgotten.

Emmett, Ann & Andrea Dunlap
October 1995