Jerry Alford
W6VJS, ex KF6J

Cactus Intertie, Inc.

- February 2023 -

April 14, 2023

I am sad to report longtime CII member Jerry Alford (W6VJS), formerly (KF6J), passed away in February. While Jerry wasn't a big talker on the system, he was very active behind the scenes of Cactus Intertie. Jerry was an experienced land use and developer attorney for decades in San Diego. As Cactus was growing, Jerry often helped Cactus leadership with legal matters relating to communication site accusations, as well as legal matters dealing with the BLM and FS. Jerry would never accept a dues swap or payment for his services to the club, always paying his dues regardless of how many hours he donated working behind the scenes. This is a big loss to CII and to everyone who had the opportunity to know him. In speaking with his wife Lynn, Jerry enjoyed ham radio and the friendships he made along the way. God bless Jerry, may he rest in peace.

Don Braun (KB6BOB)


Jerry did a lot for all of us. As Don said, [he] favored being in the background so most of us never saw the direct impact [of] his support

He is missed


[Edited - K6IYK]

I first met Jerry when he was teaching an EmComm course at the EOC here in San Diego. During the course, we ended up taking about linked systems and I mentioned that I had heard about one called Cactus but that I didn't know much about it. Jerry gave me the output to the Otay remote and told me to listen to it and see if I liked what I heard. I listened to it for about a week and then at the next class, I told him that I liked what the system could do and how it sounded.

Jerry asked me if I would like to join Cactus and he sponsored me into the system and eventually I wrote him a check for the first year's dues and he gave me a manual so that I could get started. The rest is history. I talked to Jerry from time to time on the system and he was always friendly and helpful while I stretched my wings.

I will miss Jerry and Cactus is poorer for his passing.

73, OM and God's Speed.