Gary Lineberry


Member of Cactus Radio Club


In Amateur Radio, the phrase is “Silent Key.” But, since Gary Lineberry was, first and foremost, a helicopter pilot, I will borrow an aviation phrase and report with a heavy heart that Gary Lineberry N6BFV has “gone west” at 9:25 AM, 21 November, 2012.

Gary was particularly proud of the fact that his entire professional career was spent flying helicopters.  The US Army first honed his skills in the mid 60’s.  He flew two tours in Viet Nam flying Chinook’s before transitioning to civilian flying all over the world, including the Alaska pipeline and the mountains of Peru.

His mountain flying experiences led to a career flying with the Los Angeles County Fire Department or, as Gary would say, “fighting the burning bush.”  County mandatory retirement age found him starting a new a career as a television news helicopter pilot reporter.  Many Cactus members might remember his presentation on flying the news at the last Tucson Annual Cactus Meeting.

So I would ask you this evening, when you might be grabbing your favorite beverage, to turn to the west and raise your glass in toast to a fellow ham and airman who has “gone west.” 

A memorial service is tentatively being planned for December 1, 2012.

Ken - WA6PYJ

21 November 2012