This morning (September 27, 2004) I received a telephone call from Joann Taylor, WD5EZC, informing me that last night her husband Dick, N5NGZ suffered a massive heart attack at home. Most o you know that these folks live in the country about 20 miles towards Silver City from Deming. Obviously there was no chance of recovering Dick when medical emergency personnel arrived. Jo Informed me that it was Dick's wish, due to travel distance and medical situations in their immediate family, that his remains be cremated and tat no public or private services be held.

This is a great shock to me. I have known and worked with Dick in the amateur radio field and other projects for the past 20 years or so. Truly he was one of a kind. He would give you the shirt off his back without you asking for it. He was a superb craftsman and delighted in having his made at home antennas used in the various repeater and linked radio systems. His personal involvement in the financing, construction, installation and maintenance of the packet radio system some years back was phenomenal. His dedication to his and Jo's own 3 repeater "Mimbres Valley" system the last couple of years was whole hearted and he was immensely proud of it's performance and the ability it provided for communication in Luna County and bordering areas.

Dick provided first hand, on site assistance to many of JPARA projects. Even if he was not at a particular work site he would always let us know that he was available to come with anything that we had forgotten or not planned for. Likewise, he performed rescues of certain individuals whose vehicles had broken down or otherwise been rendered disabled.

Disk also provided me with invaluable assistance in both amateur and private undertakings. Most recently he loaded up some large batteries (200 lbs.) that I had given to him some years back and hauled them to my place in Virden. He was no longer using them, but at the mere mention that I had a need of a couple of them if he wasn't using the, here he and Jo came and delivered them. That was the last time I saw Dick in person.

I enjoyed our morning chats during my 10 minute commute to work. Most of the time he was the only one who answered my on the air announcement of "Anybody around this morning?". these occasions will be sorely missed by me.

I am sure that there are many, many things concerning Dick Taylor's life that I do not and will never know. I as sure that I have seen but a slight glancing view of the whole life of this great, soft hearted man.

May the Lord bless you Jo, in the days of grief and sadness, and the coming weeks and years of loneliness without your mate and constant companion.

RIP and 73 until the next encounter in the next life.

Milt, N5IA
September 27, 2004