David Sellers - KB5LAI

Member of Dillo

- June 23, 2001

With great remorse, I learned from Pam that David Sellers, KB5LAI, was struck and killed in Blanco by a DWI driver on June 23 at about 8:30 PM. Pam thinks that he was on the way to Blanco site to join us at Field Day.

Dave will be remembered as an incredibly hard worker who helped assemble the Intertie, Inc. Tie-West System to Dark Canyon - most of the work before he actually joined our organization. He climbed the 300' towers with ease; as a telephone central office technician, he installed the switches at the Austin IRS, as well as at several VAH facilities in the Chicago and Great Lakes areas. He was compulsively neat with his telephone - and - his ham RF installations. He was an expert skier; to get ready for a vacation at Chaminade, France, he ran in front of the truck up Mt. McElroy!

The superb station at Blanco is largely his doing. After Seeing the shorter tower idle, he asked if he might attach some of his equipment, in that operating from an apartment was not feasible. He purchased an humongous piece of drill stem for the mast and supplied coax, switches, rotator and a AC and DC distribution panels at the operating position. When we got telephone service, he wired it in.

We have lost a vigorous actively contributing member. We wish him well at his new QTH, where we hope he will look up Marty, KA5LZG, Bruce, WB5SQO. and Dam. W5YOY.

Larry, W5EX
July 5, 2001