Member of Jacks Peak Amateur Radio Association

1923 - November 22, 2001

William H. Raue, K5KKO, arrived in El Paso from Berlin with my mother and older brother in 1953. He got his ticket back in 1961. Dad was my obvious inspiration in my becoming a ham. He got his license when I was three. I always went where he went in all radio activities including my first repeater site on Mt. Franklin back in 1972. He became part of Jack's Peak ARA when I joined in 1985. He was the most active member of the Sun City Amateur Radio Club since he joined back in 1965. He was still active until last February when things got worse. He was right next to me when Milt popped up on our local 28/88 repeater and introduced Cactus to me. I hope to be around as long as he was, keeping his "rolling R's" on the air as he always did. Saying "Good Morrrrrrning" on the early-bird nets was his staple.

73 and 88, Dad. Thanks to all Cactus-Intertie-Dillo members.
Martin WB5LJO
November 26, 2001